Jaejoong Twitter Updates – 101029 (Amusing Exchange with Ayu + Introducing Jiji, GG, and ZZ?)

다들잘잤어 오늘돎5真かわってる4 무시무시하게 춥다..
Did everyone sleep well? It’s also freezing cold today..


Ayu: アイコンの%じゃん!私、かえられないのに。。。ちきしょっ。
Didn’t you just change your icon picture! Even though I can’t change it… Damn it.

Jae: eee…t nande kaerarenaino?
Ehhh… why can’t you change it?

Ayu: なんでなのかわからないの!(笑)
I don’t know why! LOL

Jae: nandayo~tada Achangga kaetakunaidakejang !
What was that~ Isn’t it just because A-chan doesn’t want to change it!
(T/N: Jae calls Ayu “A-chan” LOL)

Ayu: ちがう、ちがう!かえかたが、わからないの!!むずかしくない?私だけ?笑
No, no! I just don’t know how to change it! Isn’t it hard, or is it just me? LOL

Jae: Utso.. Siyasinkuraiwa kaerudesiyo.. Mawarino darekani kiitemiteyo ☹
You’re lying, you should at least be able change your picture.. Ask the people around you ☹

Ayu: うっそ、、じゃないけど、がんばってみまーす!!
I’m not lying, but I’ll try!

Jae: *sends Ayu a blank tweet*

Ayu: えっ?~(・・?))

Jae: ganbatte seikou sitara gohoubiga arukarane ☺
If you do your best to make a result, there would be reward for that ☺

Ayu: たぶんできないけど(笑)がんばる~ららら♪
I’m afraid that I can’t LOL. But I’ll try best~ lalala♪

Jae: AaAaAa!…Achang.. Yarukinasasugiru!! Tonikaku orewa coffee nondekurune ~zha mata♬
Ah ah ah!… A-chan… you don’t seem like you have determination to do it!! Anyway, I’m going to grab some coffee to drink now~ Talk to you later♬

Ayu: ウケる(笑)
Interesting LOL


좋은날씨 조금따뜻해졌다^^ http://yfrog.com/87mkgj
The good weather has become slightly warmer ^^


런치타~임 http://yfrog.com/mtf97pqj
Lunch tim~~~~e


벌써 세끼째먹고있습니다.. 첫끼빵 두끼빵 세끼 시리얼 ㅠㅎ
It’s already my third meal.. First meal was bread, second was dookki bread (Korean bread) and third cereal T.T Haha

엇..9시밖에안됐네..살찌겠다 ..앞으로 두낀더먹어야하는데..
Oh.. It’s barely 9.. I’ll get fat.. I still have 2 more meals to eat today..

전 지금 이런곳에있어서 먹고시어도 먹을수가없어요 ㅠ http://yfrog.com/75grtpj

짠~☎ <a href="http://yfrog.com/jwuy0nj&quot; taAI’m at this place currently, even if I had wanted to eat, I can’t..T.T



밥이다!!! http://yfrog.com/16qncgj
It’s food!!!


남아서 싸왔다.집에서 먹어야지 http://yfrog.com/644kaj
There’s some left, so I had it wrapped up. I shall have it at home


지지에게놀란 GG http://yfrog.com/6g3exoj
GG was shocked by Jiji


결국평화를되찾은 지지와GG와ZZ http://yfrog.com/69a69oj
The 3 Jiji & GG & ZZ who found peace again



@zzzkissme to Jae: 마니컷네~호랭이같이..ㅎㅎ
He has become bigger~ Like a tiger.. Haha

Jae to @zzzkissme: 그치?나방금당해서 손에서피나..ㅎ무서워이제
I know, right? I just got attacked and my finger is bleeding.. Haha I’m scared now

Source: Jaejoong’s, Ayu’s, zzzkissme’s Twitter Accounts
Translation: chazalya, InHye87, linhkawaii, and mel @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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