JYJ Twitter Updates – 101027 (Shopping Trips, Filming, etc.)

Conversations (to guide everyone):

@kangsungpil to @0101xiahtic: 준수야~~빨랑팔로우해~~너이제트윗감잡았잖아^^*성필형아야~~
Junsu yahh~~ Follow me now~~ You’ve now gotten the hang of tweeting ^^* It’s me Sungpil hyung~~

@0101xiahtic to @kangsungpil: 성필이형 된건가요??
Sungpil hyung, is this alright??


@6002themicky to @zerotic0124 (Jung Gunyoung): ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ형~술마시고있지??좋겠다^^ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Hahahaha, hyung~ You’re drinking again, aren’t you?? Lucky ^^ Hahahahaha

@zerotic0124 (Jung Gunyoung) to @6002theMicky: 아니아니 해창이랑동대문서쇼핑하고롯데리아와서 먹고있어ㅋ
No, no, went to Haechang and Dongdaemun for shopping and now I’m eating at Lotteria ㅋ

@6002theMicky to @zerotic0124: 촬영가따오께용^^
Going for filming now ^^

@zerotic0124 (Jung Gunyoung) to @6002theMicky: 어 응 웅 앙 옹 수고해~~~~이선준씨
Okay, mmm, ‘kay, fighting~~~~Lee Seonjun-sshi


@mjjeje to @6002themicky: 유천이도무슨일있니 ㅠ
Yoochun, what’s wrong ㅠ

@6002themicky to @mjjeje: 형 안자고모혀??
Hyung, why aren’t you sleeping yet??

@6002themicky to @mjjeje 잠든겨??ㅎㅎ^^잘자고 난 해뜨면 끝날꺼같아^^바로이동해서
Fallen asleep?? Haha ^^ Good night I think I’m gonna be filming until the sun rises ^^ Changing locations and filming again^^
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ㅡㅡ;;


@0101xiahtic (forgot to tag Jae in this reply) 오!!! 이쁜데~^^
Oh!!! It looks beautiful~ ^^

@mjjeje says: 전화기도샀지요 ~아잠이안온다 http://yfrog.com/0drhjwj
I also bought a phone~ Ah, I can’t sleep

@mjjeje to @0101xiahtic 그치 보자마자 눈에들어왔어!!가격이…
I know, right? Fell in love with it once I saw it!! But the price…

@mjjeje says: 선인장도 심었어! http://yfrog.com/htt6euj
I planted some cacti, too!

@mjjeje to @0101xiahtic 준수야 나이제 잘게요 ^^
Junsu-ya~ I’m going to sleep now ^^


@akionosuke to @mjjeje: koredesu! tte, nanndesuka kore??^^
This! What is this?? ^^

@mjjeje to @akionosuke nanka yasukute yoimono !!
It’s a cheap and nice item!!

@akionosuke to @mjjeje: e? yasuino?? metya takasou…
What? Cheap? But it looks expensive…

@mjjeje to @akionosuke: 6000yen desuyo !
It costs 6,000 yen!

@akionosuke to @mjjeje eeeeeeeeeee!! suge~!!! chittyaindesho??^^ a, tokorode, yappari nihongo mada dame??
Eeeeeeeeeee!!!! Great~!! It’s small, isn’t it??^^ By the way, you still can’t type Japanese?

@mjjeje to @akionosuke iroiro yattemitandesukedo damedesita ㅜㅜ
I did everything I could to type Japanese, but failed TT

@mjjeje daijobu. alphabet demo,zenzen OK. jiji ha jama bakkari siteruno? kawaiina~
Don’t worry. You can type Japanese in alphabets. I don’t mind at all. Does Jiji follow you all day long? He’s so cute.


@kangsungpil to @mjjeje: 뭐샀는데? ?혹시터미널산거??비쌀텐데..욕심은우리에맘을무겁게게만든단당^^*
What did you buy? By any chance, is it the terminal?? That will be expensive.. Desire makes our hearts heavy ^^*

@mjjeje to @kangsungpil: 형난 욕심쟁인가봐요..
Hyung, I must seem like a really greedy person..

@kangsungpil to @mjjeje: 욕심은누구에게나있는거얌~~부리는것보다갖는게더중요한것같애..ㅋ근데욕심으로뭐샀어??형두궁금하당^^;
Desire is something everyone has~~ I think having is better than wanting.. ㅋ But what did you buy?? I’m curious ^^;

@mjjeje to @kangsungpil 보기로는 1억짜리도자기같은데 가격은 6만원..
Hyung, it looks like it’s a 1 billion won ceramic, but it’s only 60,000 won..

@mjjeje to @kangsungpil 멋지죠..6만원..아마진품명품에나가면 엄청난가격이나올것같아요 ㅎㅎㅎ
It’s nice right… 60,000 won.. If it went on “Jinpoom Myungpoom,” it may be priced higher hahaha
(T/N: Jinpoom myungpoom is a show where people check to see the value of the item and estimate a price)

@mjjeje says “이거에요 !” http://yfrog.com/5xx1dzj
This is the one!

@kangsungpil to @mjjeje 나중에요강으로변하는건아니겠지ㅎㅎ
Don’t tell me it’s gonna turn into a chamber pot later on haha

@mjjeje to @kangsungpil 보물넣을거에요 ㅎ
I’m going to place treasure inside haha

Source: Jaejoong’s, Yoochun’s, and Junsu’s Twitter Accounts
Translation: linhkawaii, mel, mia78, and ♥러빙유 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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