JYJ Twitter Updates – 101028 (Soulmates Plan a Drinking Session, Someone is Left Out)

The amusing conversation: It started with… Jae to Chun: Yoochun-ah, have fun with the shoot and come back TT Only a few scenes more, so be strong. After you finish, let’s have really delicious food and soju ㅜ Kya And then Yoochun replies… Chun to Jae: Hyung, do the cooking ^^ I’ll get some good […]

Jaejoong Twitter Update – 101026 (To Kang Sungpil, “Haha, Saranghaeyo” )

Jaejoong: ㅎㅎ형 촬영잘해요 성균관화이링! Hyung, good luck filming. SungKyunKwan hwailing! T/N: Aegyo version of ‘Hwaiting!’ Jaejoong to Ohreum-sshi: 오름씨촬영중? Ohreum-sshi, filming now? Jaejoong to Kang Sungpil: 형 회신했어야하는데 혼자말해버렸어요..아직적응중이라..ㅎ Hyung, you should have replied to me, now I’m talking to myself.. I haven’t gotten used to this.. Haha Kang Sungpil to Jaejoong: 재중아~~~감기조심하구^^*팔로우확인했어~시나리오괜찮으면같이했음좋겠당^^항상최선을다하는모습이느껴져서..보기좋아~동생들챙기는모습도짱이구^^세상에짱!이되어랏!!^^ Jaejoong-ah~~~ Be […]